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Rena Beadle

Author, Speaker, NBC's wife of "Meet Mr. Mom" and Mother of 5

Reana Beadle

Rena Beadle currently resides in The Woodlands, Texas with her husband Leo and their 5 sons, Jon, David, Chris, Jeremy and Michael Beadle.   

She grew up as a Preacher’s kid with two older brothers, in New Orleans, Louisiana. They lived near her father's church and the famous St. Charles Ave. streetcar line. Rena's parents were both musicians and she started singing at an early age. Growing up in an all girls’ Catholic school, she excelled in the arts within a safe and nurturing academic environment.  The character and soul of New Orleans Jazz, beignets from
Cafe Du Monde and, and the energy of the famous city permeated Rena's being shaping her love of life as it is today.

Rena attended Louisiana State University, majoring in Vocal Music Education. It was there that she met the love of her life, Leo Beadle. After a brief courtship, they married in December of 1985 and had their first son in September 1988, with graduating just several months prior to his arrival.


Since graduating from college, Rena has been a choir director, worship leader, advertising consultant and director of a Sylvan Learning Center.

In 2001 Rena and Leo experienced the pains of bankruptcy. It broke her heart leaving a home full of memories and walking out into the unknown. However, that event reinforced the Beadle's mindset of no matter where they lived, they would choose to remain a family. Rena learned that when life seems so uncertain that God is faithful and His ways are far greater than His children could ever imagine! 

Just like never imagining bankruptcy, Rena was unprepared to be chosen as one of two finalist families that would compete against each other on a new reality show for NBC. Once again, placed into constant uncertainty, the lessons of daily surrendering her life and the lives of her family to Christ were reinforced. Those lessons instilled into her and her family remain strong in them today.

Beadles with Caroline Rhea

Rena currently sings on the worship team at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Her sons carry on the musical inclinations that have run in her family for generations. Jon, David and Chris lead worship in Lakewood’s Children's Ministries. Jeremy plays the violin and Michael plays the drums. Leo's profession is in the computer industry, where his passion for data and hardware runs as deep as Rena's love for music , writing and preaching . Together, they are raising 5 young men and teaching marriage classes at Lakewood Church.

Rena was always disciplined about keeping a journal, but due to her husband’s encouragement and a challenge from the Lord, she decided to write a book. What started out as something she would have written alone, ended up including Leo, Jon and David’s input as well. She wanted the reader to gain different points of view from their personal experiences besides her own. Her personal note to you is, "I’ve loved every minute of writing this book and hope to write many more with YOU, the reader, always in my heart".

 Rena Beadle

"May the Lord bless you and keep you; May the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; May the Lord turn his face toward you and give you His peace." 

- Numbers 6: 24-26